There's Something About Lady Luxe Cosmetics

Our concept is simple, yet often downplayed. "Live Boldly" "Live Out Loud" "Do All the Things"

Lady Luxe Cosmetics was created when Founder and Owner, Theresa Willie, decided that women of all shades should be confident when it comes to rocking any color, any style and anything at all. Growing up she noticed that many women, especially women of color, would tend to shy away from bold and eccentric makeup looks. With makeup being a passion of her's and her two daughters, she approached them with an idea. The creativity and sense of style she shares with her two daughters, Tiara and Anaiya, made it a no-brainer to team up on a quest to shake things up in the makeup world. Lady Luxe Cosmetics was born. 

As Co-owners, Tiara and Anaiya wear many hats. Both young ladies allow their strengths in social media marketing, creativity, planning and analyzing trends to contribute to Lady Luxe's success.