With Yo' Lookin' Self

Here we go. I kid you not, I lost count, again....

When is the last time I thoroughly cleaned my makeup brushes? Not so sure to be honest. **insert facepalm** I know I can't be the only one. When did you last clean your makeup brushes? So, here I am about to apply my makeup, music blaring, dancing in my bathroom. I look over at my makeup brushes and there they are looking back at me. 

Everyday, my intentions are to take care of it later. And yes, l know the "rules." We use our makeup brushes to highlight, contour, etc. all over our faces, sometime daily.  But, am I keeping those same brushes as clean as I should? I am guilty. Okay, I am very guilty. I love the makeup, but forget all about the cleanup. Let's be honest, cleaning up is never fun.

But, what's even less fun? Breakouts.

Cleaning your brushes with a little sudsy TLC just once a month will not cut it. Sorry! But, how often IS enough? Dermatologists often track their patients' new breakouts right back to old makeup being used. The scary part is that the makeup itself is not the sole culprit. When makeup gets old it may start harboring bacteria, often getting picked up by our brushes. Unfortunately, those brushes can easily grow bacteria and fungus. So, when we use those same brushes, that same bacteria that we can't see with the naked eye...well you know where this is going.

The verdict is out on exactly how often you should be cleaning them, but more is always better than less. Some dermatologists suggest every two weeks, while others that are more conservative suggest that weekly is the way to go. Brushes used daily should definitely be cleaned more regularly. 

Here's another bonus you just might appreciate, cleaning your brushes regularly can extend the life of the bristles and make applying makeup so much better. Dirty brushes lead to spotty applications and difficulty blending. Yikes!

What should you use to "keep it clean?"

There are a million cleaners made specific for makeup brushes. But, I learned a trick years ago from a well know makeup artist. Baby shampoo is golden. It just takes a tiny bit, it is super gentle and does an amazing job. Needless to say, that's what I use and suggest whenever I'm asked.

So when did you last clean your brushes again?