Whew! Temperature's Rising

Temperatures are rising and if you're anything like I am, you would prefer more glow than sweat after walking out glammed to the gawds.

Here are a few tips to help! 

1. Less is More. Try eliminating all of the products you've been using during the cooler months. For instance, instead of liquid makeup, try applying concealer ONLY in the areas you want additional coverage. It's thicker than liquid foundation, so it also helps lessen the chance of melting.

2. When looking for a concealer or foundation, try products that are specifically made to hold up well during longer wear. Often the name will have long-wear in it, but you can always ask for help if you are unsure.

3. Don't tack on extra powder when you detect that your face is getting shinier. Blot any excess oil and sweat instead. Adding extra powder on top of oil and sweat will cause it to cake up. No bueno. 

4. If you want to make sure your makeup stays flawless for your entire event, finish it off with a setting spray. So very helpful for long, important events like weddings, proms, etc. 

I saved the best for last, in my humble opinion of course!

5. Always use primer, especially for your eyes. It basically locks everything in place that you put on your eyelid, and will eliminate runny eyeliner. It'll keep your eyeshadow popping too!

I hope these tips and tricks help as we are in the midst of prom and wedding season.