Spring Has Sprung, Skincare Tips for Beautiful Skin

Let's all agree that we love the creativity that makeup allows. I'll even go a step further and say it gives us a boost a confidence, a bit of "bossy" and a sprinkle of sexy too. But, can we also agree that we more than appreciate the confidence that beautiful, clear skin gives too? Here's where I raise both of my hands.

Just thinking through everything I promote, share with you guys, etc. I want to be clear. I am indeed a self proclaimed makeup junkie. However, my heart also dances every time I hear my natural skin is beautiful. Like many of us I have struggled through phases of not knowing how to get the "perfect" skin it seemed that other women had. Here are a few quick tips that I use to keep my skin healthy and youthful. No, I am not saying any of this is rocket science. But, helpful, hopefully!

1. Exfoliate - Shed the buildup of dead skin cells that winter weather can leave behind. Most likely you'll be showing off more skin now and you don't want dull, flaky skin showing up. Add an exfoliator to your spring skincare routine. Just a couple of times a week helps to improve skin texture and appearance. They also reduce your chances of breaking out!

2. Sun Protection - SPF please! As temperature rise and the we get more sun, it's imperative that you add a sunscreen that will protect your skin and keep it looking youthful.

3. Moisturize - Ditch the thicker moisturizer that worked for the colder, dryer weather and pick up a lighter one. Spring means a lighter moisturizer is a better fit to keep your skin healthy and hydrated.

4. Spring Cleaning - In this case, your makeup tools and accessories. It is recommended that we clean our brushed weekly. When was the last time you cleaned your's? I'll wait. No judgement, I'm guilty too. But, if you knew the amount of dust and bacteria that accumulates on our brushes and sponges. Eek, you do not want that touching your face repeatedly. Use a natural cleanser, wash gently until the water runs clear and leave flat to dry. Easy peasy!

Last but not least. Dare I say it....

5. Wear less makeup - Yes, you read that correctly. As the temperatures rise, too much makeup can clog your pores and cause breakouts. Horrific thought, I know. 

Let your skin breathe a bit more!  If you use a liquid foundation, try a light, face powder (my personal go-to btw). They have less ingredients and are far less likely to irritate your skin. Also, try your best to use products that are free of parabens, like our Lady Luxe line.  And of course, always wash your face well to make sure you have removed all traces of makeup before going to bed.