Pick Your Battles

When it comes to your teen, what's enough, and what's too much when it comes to makeup? Again, we are talking teens. First piece of advice, pick your battles wisely. Now, on to the topic at hand. Back to school time is upon us, and most kids can't wait to make their grand entrance when they step back into the halls. In our opinion, multiple coats of mascara, dramatic eyeliner and cherry red lipstick aren’t exactly top picks for school. Natural-looking makeup, on the other-hand, is cool for teens.

All Eyes on Me: A dark brown eyeliner will enhance the eyes without looking too dramatic. If insists on wearing mascara, one coat of brown mascara should do just fine without being over the top. Jet black eyeliner and mascara, and bright colors eyeshadows are better for the weekend and special events.

About Face:  A lot of young girls apply heavy liquid makeup and foundation powders to cover up acne prone skin. If she needs to even out her skin tone (or hide blemishes), be sure that she knows to use a very small amount of concealer that is as close to her natural skin color as possible. It should be applied to the area with a tiny brush and blended well. 

If she's new to makeup but wants to start experimenting, why not plan a mother-daughter makeover? This can be a fun activity for the two of you and you will be able to very subtly show her tricks that will let her natural beauty shine through. Another option is taking her to the pros. You can always head over to a makeup counter at the mall for a mother-daughter makeover.

Like everything else in life, try being flexible. If she insists on wearing black eyeliner and she’s a great student, there’s no reason to cancel it out altogether. Continue to put the emphasis on natural makeup, but don’t make it into a huge issue. If a little eyeliner makes her feel more comfortable, then be willing to compromise and let her wear makeup the way she prefers one day of the week. It'll be a WIN-WIN.